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best eye hospital in PatnaSarvdrishti eye hospital in Patna  is a full fledged eye hospital founded by renowned and nationally acclaimed eye surgeon and symbol of excellence – Dr. Kumar Vivek . Sarvdrishti eye hospital in Patna is focused on the delivery of high quality, safe, and effective clinical care. We strive for high reliability and aim to create an environment in which risks and issues are anticipated, identified early, and responded to rapidly .

Recognized as a premier & best eye hospital in Patna.

We have assembled a dedicated team of eye surgeons who have been trained in various subspecialties of Ophthalmology .It is the first hospital of its kind in Bihar, equipped with the best instruments and facilities available at Sarvdrishti hospital.  We at Sarvdrishti Eye hospital in Patna hope to continue serving our patients with eye ailments to the best of our ability and live up to the reputation of being a Best Eye Hospital In Patna.

Were you asking yourself, “Where can I find an optometrist near me that I can trust?”  Book an appointment today at Sarvdrishti Eye Hospital call at 9264444460.


 Best Eye Hospital in Patna with Commitment to Patient Safety & Quality

Sarvdrishti eye care hospital in Patna is a super speciality eye care hospital offering world-class modern diagnostic, therapeutic, and rehabilitative services of the highest quality.We have assembled a dedicated team of eye surgeons who have been trained in various subspecialties of Ophthalmology .


Being a best eye care hospital in Patna, SARVDRISHTI EYE HOSPITAL  believes in a completely different approach to that taken by many other eye  clinics or hospitals in Patna, where you may often feel like you are part of an assembly line.

We specialize in highly personalized care, and believe in tailor-making a solution that suits your needs and lifestyle. Ample time is allowed for detailed discussion and to make you comfortable with your situation. We at SARVDRISHTI  discuss possibilities, and are frank about what is not possible. You get an honest personalized answer to your concerns from Dr Vivek kumar, one of the best retinal specialists in India.


Sarvdrishti Eye hospital is commited to fulfill the need for super specialty eye care services in Patna .